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Robert Pepino ( North Korea/Nibiru Planet X Eclipse ) LNM Radio 08-08-17

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Host Michael Vara was joined by guest and planet x researcher Robert Pepino who came on tonight to discuss what are said to be photos of planet x that listeners have sent in and we also spoke about N.Korea and this article out of Glasgow Scotland. To see all the…

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Joanne Summerscales ( Alien Abduction ) on LNM Radio 04-11-17

Joanne Summerscales founded the AMMACH Project– the Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline in January 2011. She has had a long term interest in those experiences of humanity that encompass areas that challenge us the most– the spiritual, and the paranormal. The very subjects which are still treated by society…

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Derek Tyler (close encounters of the 1st, 3rd,4th,5th,6th & 7th kind ) – LNM Radio 01-18-17

Derek Tyler has been researching the subject of extra-terrestrial contact for most of his life. Along the way, he has interviewed well over 3,000 abductees and interacted with some of the most respected names in the business. He is both an alien abductee and a military abductee himself, having experienced…

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TONIGHT (Sun. 15th) – The Secret Teachings LIVE 9pm EST (Jim Marrs & Population Control)

SUNDAY: November 15th (9pm – 12am EST) – Jim Marrs & Population Control Ryan Gable will once again be speaking with author and researcher Jim Marrs about the continued march our world is taking towards a one world totalitarian police state fully planned with drugged water, food, medications, and more, along with poisoned…

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The Secret Teachings – NEW LIVE Shows Starting October 31st

We can go LIVE Saturday 10/30/15 12am EST & Sunday 11/1/15 9pm EST with Special Guests and topics. CONTACT US ON SKYPE BEFORE THE LIVE BROADCAST IF YOU WANT TO CALL IN: Skype ID: secretguests  Search: secret guests@hotmail.com TONIGHT: Saturday 6pm – 9pm EST a blast from the past episode will air with Jim Marrs and…

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