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PRESLEY E. ACUNA (End Times predictions)Peter Kling LST HR on LNM Radio 05-09-17

LNM Radio Network,coast2coast,Midnight in the Desert,Ipredator,Michael Nuccitelli,UFOs,Aliens,Paranormal,talk radio

Host Michael Vara was joined by Presley Acuna and later Peter Kling. PRESLEY E. ACUNA writes unconventional thrillers, based in reality, but which take unexpected turns into the realms of fantasy, magical realism, science fiction and horror. His aim is to engage the reader in an engrossing mystery or adventure,…

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The Wanting The Facts Crew (UFO Hot spots) on LNM Radio 02-16-17

Worldwide UFO sightings are escalating at a phenomenal rate they’r being cited in major populated areas and cities witnessed by people in the hundreds even the thousands they’ve even begun making international news. So what is this mysterious phenomena that so many of us have witnessed, is our own government…

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