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Thank you to the show LATE NIGHT IN THE MIDLANDS

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Thank you to the show LATE NIGHT IN THE MIDLANDS [http://lnmradionetwork.com/]  for having me on as a guest this past Wednesday, November 18th, 2015.  During my three hour interview with host Michael Vera we discussed my solution to ending war and poverty on earth.
The solution is spreading.  Please post this information on all of your facebook groups and email it to everyone that you know.
I am coming out with a new book very soon that will be free to all humans and will provide the details of how to execute the step by step solution to end war and poverty on earth.
As you know, the word GovernMent directly translates to ControlMind.
We can stop the tyranny of the mind control Global Military Industrial Complex if we all take the following steps.  And remember, tell your children and their friends to never under any circumstances join the military or police because they are only supporting the psychotic UNITED STATES CORPORATION that is posing as a GovernMent [ControlMind].
Here is the SOLUTION to End War and Poverty on Earth
If each earthling does these things in the following order as listed then there will be no more
poverty or war on earth.
3. Secure ALLODIAL STATUS to your land via the LAND PATENT
4. Close your SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT – END your Employment/membership with the UNITED STATES
CORPORATION or your Country CORPORATION that is posing as a GovernMent [ControlMind].
5. Withdraw all currency from the banks and hold it until further notice.
6. Each solider and police officers resigns and rejoins the human race.
If you have a Warranty Deed to your land, the UNITED STATES CORPORATION or the STATE still CONTROLS it.  That is why you are charged property taxes. If you file the Land Patent for your home/land, that gives your land ALLODIAL STATUS which is the highest form of ownership/control of land. You then are no longer subject to any outside so-called authority such as the County Appraiser, Tax collector, State law enforcement, or GovernMent [ControlMind] authority.
THIS SOLUTION gives everyone back the superior legal title to their Body, Property, and Land. It removes police and military power from the Global Military Industrial Complex. It is a non-violent solution. It keeps all goods and services intact.
Ronald Russell Farnham
President of America  [NOT the Chapter 11 Bankrupt UNITED STATES CORPORATION]
***** If your only reply is Character Assassination such as PUT ON YOUR TINFOIL HAT, TAKE YOUR MEDICATION, etc and you have no actual counter argument or contrary information to the facts that I have presented, then please refrain from replying, as Character Assassination is not a viable counter argument and will be laughed at by the millions of concerned parties awaiting your replies, which will be published. If you do not reply within five business days then I will find you in agreement with the facts stated above and add you to the growing list of people and organizations that are in agreement with this information.. *****
—— END  —-