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The Geoengineering Disaster Capitalists, Who are They?

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

These are indeed strange days on planet Earth. For all of the technological genius of the human race, we have not even considered how to save ourselves from ourselves. The absolute epitome of human insanity is the ongoing decades long attempt to completely engineer Earth’s climate system (with countless variations of weather and biological warfare along the way). As the biosphere implosion continues to accelerate, the disaster capitalists have come from every dark corner with the goal of profiteering in the final hours of industrialized civilization. I have had my own confrontation with internationally recognized geoengineer David Keith, but there are many more in the camp of climate engineering capitalists. Who are these people? What are their individual parts in the planetary geoenigneering nightmare? My most sincere gratitude to Jacob Brogan for assembling an excellent exposé of the geoengineering disaster capitalists.
Click here for the full article >> http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/the-geoengineering-disaster-capitalists-who-are-they/?inf_contact_key=1daa65d962d1d4f8c55cb886f5f825bb8022b7fbeeb0cb375490c768fbadcfaa

Dane Wigington