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The Hybrid Species-Children

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

The production of a hybrid species appears to be the means to the aliens’ goal. So far, researchers have been unable to uncover any other purpose for the UFO and abduction phenomena, and the Breeding Program.
Why are aliens producing hybrids?
This has long been one of the fundamental mysteries of UFO and abduction research. Until now, we have had precious little information upon which to formulate a theory.
But to answer this question, it is first necessary to understand both the idea of hybridization and the nature of hybrid life.
Producing Hybrids
For years researchers have posited that the aliens are a dying race and must pass on their genes to hybrids to maintain their “life.” This theory assumes that the aliens either cannot reproduce or cannot reproduce in enough numbers to sustain their species’ viability. Although dismissed as science fiction by many UFO researchers, the evidence suggests that there may be merit to this theory.

The Allison Reed case sheds light on this issue. In her four-and-a-half-day abduction event, an alien escort took her to a “museum” room in which she saw artifacts on shelves along with strange life-sized “holograms” of several beings. Her alien escort explained what these figures represented and why the hybridization was undertaken.

Each of the hologram figures had a “flaw” of some sort. The first had alien features with distinctive black eyes and a thin body; it also had a distended stomach with boil-like protuberances on it. The next hologram looked more human. He had blond hair and humanlike eyes, but he had no genitals, and his skin was extremely pale, like that of a “borderline albino.” The final hologram was a grouping of smaller beings, about five feet tall. They were very white and Allison received the impression that they were “mentally weak or something.”

Allison’s escort told her that the most important fact about these beings was that none of them could reproduce. They appeared to have been failures at previous attempts at hybridization.