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The Secret Teachings NEW – This Weekend!


SATURDAY: 10/17/15 (6pm – 9pm EST / 3pm – 6pm PST)

TOPIC: Blast from the Past – 3/22/15 – Area 51 & the Alien Myth (Myth)


In this episode from March 22nd, 2015, Ryan Gableimg_1828 details his cross country move/trip, which included a stop at Dealey Plaza in Dallas where Kennedy was shot; a trip to Rachel, Nevada, and to Nellis Air Force base in Nevada adjacent to Area 51 and the S-2 and S-4 facilities. The show will feature Ira Robinson of Open Eyes Radio, who will join Ryan in an examination of what is really located at these remote desert testing facilities such as DUMBS.

SUNDAY: 10/18/15 (9pm – 12am EST / 6pm – 9pm PST)

TOPIC: Matrix Codes & History Cycles / The Horsefly Chronicles w/ Phil Siracusa & Karissa Fleck


Join Ryan Gable for a new episode as0a90e8_d2f991974bce47099af1f8e7702dbe61.jpg_srz_p_310_310_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzhe breaks down the cycles of history and why it is important to study tyrants of the past so we do not make the same mistakes today that will lead to us falling under the same dictatorial powers. Ryan also explores the nature of liberties and then welcomes Ira Robinson, host of Open Eyes Radio, to discuss briefly universal codes embedded in current events that display the same numbers over and over again. Ryan will then welcome Phil Siracusa and Psycic Medium Karissa Fleck in the final hour to discuss the Horsefly Chronicles; a real case of demonic possession.

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Saturday 3pm PST / 6pm EST

Sunday 9pm EST / 6pm PST

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