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The Secret Teachings LIVE Sunday 11/22/15 – 9pm EST (Occult Feasts & Thanksgiving / Terrorism)

Photo on 11-21-15 at 8.43 PMSUNDAY: November 22nd (9pm – 12am EST) – We will be discussing in the first hour the occult origins of feast for the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration that so many ignorantly embrace as a day of thanks by not giving thanks for what they have and instead lining up like zombies for ‘black’ Friday deals (Is black Friday racist?) — Feasts & the Thanksgiving Connection by Ryan Gable

Ryan will then reveal that he has a disease… Orthorexia Nervosa and in the second and third hours, we will be joined by Aaron ‘Dj’ Wired from Orlando, FL, to discuss in all aspects the definition of Terrorism; the abolition of national borders and the assuring in of a complete police state; specifically how we cannot sacrifice liberty for ‘safety’.

We will be taking calls at 1- 208- 650 – 4160