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Three officers dead in Baton Rouge, Obama’s rhetoric deadly weapon

LNM Radio Networkl

LNM Radio Networkl

Three police officers are dead and three more injured after a shooting Sunday morning in Baton Rouge Louisiana, police have reported.

The suspect was shot and killed at the scene, Louisiana State police Superintendent Mike Edmonson said in a press conference this afternoon.

He said there is no active shooter scenario but the investigation is still ongoing. The shooting happened around 8:45 AM in the old Hamming area. the incident began when officers responded to a 911 call reporting that a man was walking around with a rifle, police reported.

Three officers died who work for the Batten roads Police Department and one worked for the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office according to police reports.

Three more officers were injured one officer is reported to be in critical condition and the other two suffered some non-life threatening injuries state police report.

This is becoming an ongoing problem. Barack Insane Obama’s rhetoric has led to the death of several of our fine men and women serving this country and protecting our communities.

I have warned people that Barack insane Obama had an agenda from day one and that agenda was to destroy America from the inside out.

Barack insane Obama is accomplishing that agenda as his rhetoric and his support of terrorist groups like black lives matter, black power, the new Black Panthers, have led to psychopaths or Obama’s army of young militants, shooting and killing our police. Why you say? Disrupt divide and conquer that is the agenda and Barack insane Obama would like nothing better than to not leave office and continue his damage and his destruction to the foundation of this country we once trusted.

That is all for now, more to come later and just remember folks lock and load, lock and load.

Michael Vara