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Trump blasts expletive-laden Hispanic advocacy video

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Donald Trump on Friday tore into the video from a Hispanic advocacy group featuring children swearing at him for his stance on immigration, calling it “terrible” and a “disgrace.”

“F–k you, racist f–k,” a child identified as Ricardo tells Trump in the video released earlier this week by Deport Racism PAC.

The same group has also offered $5,000 to anyone on the “Saturday Night Live” cast or audience who uses the words “deport racism” or “Trump is racist” live on the air during his hosting appearance this weekend.
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio had even harsher words for the parents of the children who participated in the ad, which he called “outrageous” in an interview on “Fox and Friends.”

“First of all, it’s counterproductive. Who do these groups think they’re impressing by doing this?” Rubio asked. “They’re not bringing anybody to their side. They’re turning people off. People are looking at it and say, these people are grotesque. I mean these are little children. What kind of parent allows their children to go on a video like that and use that kind of profanity and what kind of parents allow a kid to do that?”
Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/11/donald-trump-latino-advocacy-ad-215591#ixzz3qkQEeR00