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In a stunning interview with Breitbart yesterday, Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said that she’s been receiving messages from Sen. Bernie Sanders’ camp that the Vermont socialist’s supporters would come over to Trump if he wins the nomination.

Pierson’s remarks were part of her argument that Trump was the only candidate who could beat Hillary Clinton in the general election.

“I’ve got Sanders people sending me messages — it’s surreal — saying that if they steal the nomination from Bernie they’re voting for Trump,” Pierson said. “So he is definitely the only candidate that can beat Hillary Clinton in the fall.”

Pierson, meanwhile, said that Cruz simply wasn’t strong anywhere that the Republicans needed.
Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson

“When we get to the general election, we have to look at the map,” Pierson said.

“Cruz hasn’t won a single state that would change anything,” she continued. “Trump has won Florida. He’s going to win New York. Moving forward, we’re going to be in other states where Mr. Trump is going to do really well. And in some of these cases, Ted Cruz is running third.”

“So this idea that Donald Trump would be the ‘weaker’ of the two regarding the vetting process because everyone’s going to go through that — I have to remind you that Donald Trump knows Hillary Clinton better than any other candidate, so I can guarantee you there’s going to be a very serious vetting process going against her as well,” she continued.

“Which is why he always says: ‘I haven’t even started on her yet.’ So I’m very confident that Donald Trump is definitely going to be the strongest candidate. I wouldn’t have supported him if I thought differently.”

She also said that Trump had been able to bring new voters into the process.

“The fact that he’s been able to win as many votes as he has and be ahead in the delegate count as he is today, goes to show me that he is strong and he can carry the base. And not to mention his position with regards to trade, and jobs, and the global bank system. We’re going to bring in even (more) new voters, more voters from the independent side, from the Democrat side,” she said.