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‘Tweezer’ molecule can block HIV in semen, study says

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

A US-German team of scientists has successfully tested a tweezer-shaped molecule which can be effective in preventing HIV transmission.

The molecule called CLR01 has been presented by the researchers from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) and Ulm (Germany) in a study published in the journal eLife on Tuesday.

CLR01 is effective in HIV prevention as it blocks the activity of special polymers in semen called which enhance HIV infectivity as the virus attaches to the membranes of human cells with the help of this structure. The “molecule tweezer” can disrupt fibril formation as well as disassemble those already formed.

The discovered molecule can also target the virus itself by destroying its membrane. At the same time CLR01 does not affect the membranes of other cells which makes it safe to use.