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Two Men Startled by Pair of Bigfoot-like Creatures in North Carolina

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

OAK RIDGE, N.C. — Two North Carolina men on Sunday said that they came upon two Bigfoot-like creatures in Guilford County.
Alan Coleman, a retired 44-year-old North Carolinian, told Cryptozoology News that he and his friend were looking for “potential hunting locations” back in January when they encountered the creatures.

“We decided to scout this track of land in Oak Ridge and determine if it would be a good location for the coming season,” he said. “We arrived about 3:30 p.m. and decided to follow the creek bottom to look for signs,” he added.

The two men reportedly walked for about 30 minutes when they came across an area they thought could be a good spot.

“It was a heavily traveled game trail and decided to sit down and see if any deer may be in the area, and to rest. After sitting there about 5 minutes or so, we heard movement in the thicket. We were sure it was a big buck making its way through as it was making a lot of noise and sounded as if it was struggling to get through the thicket.”
According to the eyewitness, one of the creatures “casually walked” to meet the one crouching by the creek. The two men sat there, waiting for the animals to leave. Finally, he says, they went down the creek.