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University in China reveals ‘Jia Jia’ robot

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Researchers have unveiled a fascinating new robot that has been designed to look like a human woman.
Developed at China’s University of Science and Technology, the eerily human-like contraption took three years to build and is capable of emulating human speech and facial expressions.

Thanks to its unique programming, Jia Jia is also able to recognize when someone is speaking to it and can even react accordingly when someone is taking a photograph.

While its abilities are somewhat limited right now, the robot’s creators are hoping to continue developing its learning capabilities so that it can more realistically emulate human behavior.

See more at: http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/news/293641/university-in-china-reveals-jia-jia-robot#sthash.gpoPsaMz.dpuf