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US Navy images show UFOs over the Arctic

LNM Radio

LNM Radio

A secretive set of photographs has emerged showing two unidentified objects near a US Navy submarine.
The pictures, which had been withheld from public release for years, are believed to have been taken in 1971 by sailors aboard the USS Trepang submarine during a mission near Iceland.

The grainy photographs include one of a black triangular object flying low over the water and a series of shots showing a large cigar-shaped object which appears to crash in to the sea.

The images were allegedly sent to the French Paranormal magazine “Top Secet” by an anonymous source however very little else is known about their origins or authenticity.
“They have certainly got UFO researchers scratching their heads and wondering and speculating that UFOs have a base in the Arctic regions,” said UFO researcher and author Nigel Watson.

UFO navy

“They are an odd selection of pictures, that feature types of UFOs that have been regularly spotted by witnesses in all parts of the world. Airship or cigar-shaped type craft have been reported since 1896 when there was a great wave of ‘phantom airship’ sightings throughout the USA. ”

A larger selection of the photographs can be viewed – here.