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The Wanting The Facts Crew (UFO Hot spots) on LNM Radio 02-16-17

LNM Radio Network

Worldwide UFO sightings are escalating at a phenomenal rate they’r being cited in major populated areas and cities witnessed by people in the hundreds even the thousands they’ve even begun making international news. So what is this mysterious phenomena that so many of us have witnessed, is our own government using secret military spacecraft or even testing military technology’s ?
or might it be our friends from outside of our world or perhaps enemies from outside this world.
Either way good or bad we should get to the bottom of this and tonight we will be joined by three gentlemen who investigate these very things, so fasten your seatbelts and get ready to go on a ride through something I like to call the LNM zone

“Wanting The Facts”
All of us met while we were in college as broadcast students. The crew is Rick Stevens, Ken McLaud, Patrick Bailey, Pactrick Branch and Dusty. Over the years in class we became good friends. We come from different backgrounds, but we share one thing and that was our love for film, audio and odd and weird things. So oneday we decided to pack up a van and head out into the unknown to find the facts. While on our adventure we saw and heard some weird stuff and we want to share our adventures with you in our short films.

Rick Stevens, A few years ago I started in the broadcasting
dept. at Gaston College. I have now finished and moved on to other parts of broadcasting. One thing Im passionate about is traveling to UFO hotspots and haunted attractions to film. A few guys from college and I started a small traveling crew that does this. We call it
“Wanting The Facts” .
website www.ufodoccrew.com

Video Version

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