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Why Donald Trump MAY win in 2016 if the Fix is not in !

LNM Radio

LNM Radio

I must say after watching this 29 minute video below with Donald Trump and NBC News, I think that if we’re able to make it to 2016 and actually have a presidential election, Donald Trump has said it like it is and if he means what he says then he is the guy for the job. Think about it, he is rich so he cant be bought, He has everything so now he may just want to save the very country that made him the success story he is today. Like him or not he is scaring the establishment and the controlled media because this guy may actually be his own man.
Latino leader urges more businesses to cut ties from Trump
The head of a Latino civil rights group called on more organizations to follow NBC’s example and cut business ties with Donald Trump.

Alex Nogales, president of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, said Thursday that the PGA of America’s decision this week to move a golf tournament from a Trump-owned course was a step in the right direction.

Editor note

Stick your money up your asses Latino civil rights group ! see how they try to control someone by hitting their pockets ?

Good luck this time !