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Woman dies while hunting legendary monster

Woman dies while hunting legendary monster

The creature is thought to lure unsuspecting trespassers on to the tracks. Image Credit: sxc.hu
Roquel Bain was struck by a train while seeking a creature that is said to lure people on to the tracks.
A cross between a man, a goat and a sheep, the bizarrely named Pope Lick Monster allegedly lives underneath a Norfolk Southern Railway trestle over a small creek in Louisville, Kentucky.

Local legends claim that the creature leads trespassers to their doom by hypnotizing them in to walking on to the tracks where they meet their demise in front of an oncoming train.

In this particular case, tourist Roquel Bain and her boyfriend had been in the area to go on a paranormal tour of Waverly Hills Sanatorium but had decided to visit the infamous trestle in an attempt to hunt down the Pope Lick Monster beforehand.

What happened next remains unclear, but it ended with the couple stranded in the middle of the trestle with a train speeding towards them. Without enough time to reach safety, Bain was struck by the locomotive and killed while her boyfriend narrowly escaped by dangling over the edge.

A police investigation later revealed no evidence of drugs, alcohol or foul play.

The incident follows on from another near-miss that occurred on the same trestle two yeas ago when an Eastern High School graduate was photographed with his legs danging over the side.

“The Pope Lick Monster didn’t get us, but a train almost did !” he wrote.
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