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Woman Facebook live-streams her dying boyfriend “Something Stinks”

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Woman Facebook live-streams her dying boyfriend seconds after he is shot four times by a cop as his mother says police kept her from her son’s deathbed and claims the girlfriend is now missing
Diamond Reynolds live-streamed the aftermath of her boyfriend’s shooting
Philando Castile was shot at 9pm during a traffic stop in Minnesota
Reynolds claims that he was reaching for a license and ID
And she says he told the cop he had a license to carry a weapon
But she claims the ‘Chinese police officer’ shot him four times in the arm
The cop – audibly panicked – swears and tells her not to move several times
Police have confirmed that he died in hospital
Some 200 protesters formed outside Minnesota Governor’s house
The cop is from the St. Anthony Police Department in Falcon Heights
Castile’s mother learned of it when her daughter screamed while online
She claims she wasn’t allowed to see her son in hospital
See video at link below
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3678293/Please-don-t-tell-s-gone-Horrifying-moment-woman-believes-black-boyfriend-died-Minneapolis-cop-shot-four-times-reached-license.html#ixzz4DliRSLqg
She said ”’He killed my boy friend,
the guy was not dead yet as a matter of fact he was still moaning and moving around in pain it would appear.

Cop screaming F BOMBS IN HORROR
while his fiancee talks like she is commentating a tennis match
I would be freaking out and gun or no gun I would be helping my loved one not making a selfie video,why not lay the camera down and help ??
I do not hear her once say officer can I please help him or can you help him or call an ambulance !!
So I also wonder when did the child exit the car ?
did the officer order the child out ?
I think this needs to be answered
Bye the way
I do not hear the child screaming or crying and
when a child is taken from mom that child will almost always scream,
ever watch the tv show cops ??
I have
Then long after she exits the car in custody of police
only then does she start screaming no please tell me he is not dead hmmmmm
through out the video the
Officer continues to scream out burst of FUCK

In the back of the cop car after the video paused for a couple mins
it then picked up
she was speaking but what she was saying on the video was not consistant with what her mouth and lips was actually doing in real time.
It would seem she recorded audio over the acual audio in the last couple mins of that video
she says it was a chinees police officer who shot him yet I all I hear is how white cops are killing blacks
if you ask me,this sounds like more Obama majic

She is saying she has no idea what condition her boyfriend is in
yet she very calmly said several times the police man killed him
she then continues to record herself as she is placed in the back of a cop car and
she says she is in the back of the police car and she has no idea the condition of her boyfriend she says
but I have 2 problems with that.
one she was already home when she recorded the last 2 mins so she knew he was dead at that point not to mention she was way to calm for someone in that situation in my opinion
2 how is she still recording in the cop car and how sad are you when you can go home and edit the audio on this video ???? because it looks to me that is what she did.
the news says fiancee and she says on video her boyfriend